Monday, September 12, 2011

Another New Job, American Family Life Assurance Company, better known as AFLAC

Okay, so I decided that the other company was not for me.  There were many, many reasons, the first being that I could not list my company name on my Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or anything else.  They were afraid of Social Media and had decided that all people over the age of 50 do not use computers, email, social media and they are absolutely certain that all computers are opening them up for identity theft.  Crazy, I know!

Everyone else in the working world has learned that email, text messaging, social media and electronic signatures are more secure than paper carried in my car.  So, I looked for a company that will allow me to be me and has a viable business that I can make a profit in.  The company I think best meets my needs for a flexible job, an income, and the ability to say where I work online.

I know, I had just started at the other place, but really their was more than one reason to look elsewhere.  I decided I needed a company that had longevity, long-term employees, flexibility, future growth, and a product that is in a market I am already in: under 65.  Though I think that I could make some good money in the Retiree market, I think that I need to learn far more about them then would allow me to make significant money quickly.  So, I jumped to start with The Duck, because I understand small business, and most small business owners are under 50 and have a lot in common with me.  Having something you can talk about other than your product is critical for starting a long-term relationship with clients.

Anyway, I remain overwhelmed, and under productive due to a computer snafu!  Frustrating.  So much I want to learn and do!

What I will be doing as an AFLAC Agent:  I will be offering Employers a way to lower Business Tax Liability, ease Benefit programs management, and provide employees with critical life planning products for that just in case circumstance. My job will be in Employer and Employee Education to reduce their risks in life.