Friday, April 27, 2012

Just an unpopular thought

So i was busy surfing the top news on and found this article about how sarah palin supports ending child labor laws. To be absolutely fair she was referring to the proposed expansion of the child labor laws that would prevent children from working on the family farm. She is not refering to children being allowed to work at your local mc donalds sereving up french fries. I must admit i support here thoughts that children should be allowed to work on a family farm. I also support the idea that children should be allowed to work on farms not owned by their family. I know the reality of how our fruits and vegetables get to our table. It is from the hands of babes we get our food and these children are boyth legal and illegal citizens. Yes they are often very poor and this is their chance to eat. Of course every selfish american could just make sure their neighbors are fed and housed.

You can view the article and existing comments at

Monday, April 23, 2012

Did I mention

I am impatient! Waiting is so fustrating! I just don't understand people who don't respond in 24 hours or less. Okay, I know. But when I write to you as a customer I expect a 24 hour turn around. That is how business is done in this instant gratification society.

So please respond when I am giving you what little money I have ASAP.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

presto, its all done, and not started yet

So the pile of papers turned into a rejection letter.  Bummer, but not surprised.  Unfortunately, Social Services steps require one to apply even when they don't think they need it or even want it.  I admit it would have been nice to have a bit of extra income.

Since then, I found a job.  An awful one at that!  I am still waiting for the temp agency to let me know when the position at the better paying job starts.  I wonder if I am being strung along for this silly job that has not started.  I postponed my commission with the other Insurance Company because it really doesn't make sense to have it yet.

I am intensely worried about the purchase of our home.  I wonder if having a job will actually qualify us for the better VA home loan or if this is just a fools chase.  I know that short sales take a long time to process, and the closer we get to the end of the school year, the more worried I get.  I want that house.  I think it is the right place to go.  But if it doesn't happen soon I think our down payment and closing cost will be gone.

The last two weeks has been spent feverishly seeking jobs, I have no interest in keeping longer than this summer, and thinking about what it is I do want.  I have learned sitting at a desk staring at a computer hour after hour is not something I want.  Neither is telemarketing of any kind, at least not if that is the only task.  I want to see people.  I like face time.  I also want to be involved in my community.  I am enjoying Cub Scouts and think it is not all that bad of a gig, even if it does not pay cash.  It is analytical, involves face time, involves multiple locations and changing activities, has lots of research and creative thinking.  It is all around a great job, it just does not pay.  So I need to re-write my resume.  My resume just does not show what I can do, or how much I love doing it!

I have also spent the last week chasing around children covered in Pink Eye germs.  It is quite gross!  First one then the other eye, then the next child gets it.  I have no idea what is for dinner, the kids are at the pool with Dad and I want to take another nap!

It is Daddy's birthday this weekend, so wish me luck.  Hoping the nice mortgage lady tells me what I want to hear this week, and that I finally get word on the better paying gig, or get a new better gig all around!  Of course My dirty brain has been crusing the links on thinking well I could do that.  Yeah, I know I won't not because I value myself that much, but because if I did I don't think I would be welcome in the Cub Scouts as a Chair Person/Leader.  Just dirty minds thinking how much fun it might have been to be young, stupid and in great physical shape.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A pile of papers...

So what else have you done this week?  Oh, I am glad you asked.  I have been crazy busy!  Mostly doing the thing everyone likes least; dealing with Social Services.  I absolutely hate this process!  It is quite demeaning and absolutely time consuming.

The quest for assistance continues.  Last month, March 2012, I and my children were dropped from the Arizona Medicaid Program twice!  It was upsetting, frustrating.  Plagued by trying to do the right thing, we were dropped for failure to provide proof of income.  Why?  Oh it went to the wrong address and was delayed!  So we didn't recieve notifcation that additional information was needed until after Medicaid had dropped us.  Many phone calls, okay just 2, but it was well over 2.5hours on the phone with an actual person!  I can't tell you how long I spent on hold....  So thinking everything is fixed and good to go.  I went about my family business and searched for a job. 

Then I learned it was again dropped and that they said since I had quit working voluntarily I and my children were to remain ineligible for 1 year!  Absolute craziness!!!!!!!!  Yes, I admit I stopped going to work, but only because I could not afford to FEED my three children and pay for CHILD CARE for one child.   I was forced to make a choice, between maintaining my families status on the food Stamp program so we could eat, or leaving my 2 year old unattended, so I could go to work!  This was the choice I was faced with because Arizona cut all funding to the Child Care Subsidy program in 2008 to balance the budget and I was not making an adequate commission from Aflac.  (Not all my fault, but not all Aflac's fault either.)  Eventually a few supervisors understood what I was trying to explain, and helped me fix the situation, or so I am told.  Currently, we do not have food stamps to buy food, which could be because I misunderstood when we would receive them, or because we were dropped again. 

Onward!  More Social Services fun!  A while back my five year old was on an IEP in the Developmental Preschool, then I was told he was ineligible for his kindergarten year, but if I received a diagnosis he would be reconsidered for an evaluation at school.  Alas, I presented the school with a copy of the Psychiatrist notes and requested he be re-evaluated the second week of school.  Nearly the end of the school year he has not been re-evaluated!  His teacher has begun to express concern about his ability to grip a pencil and scissors properly, aka -motor skills are falling behind!  Unable to move the mountain that is the IEP process at Peoria Unified I have begun pursing the other avenues of assistance.  The Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities and Social Security Disability Income.  At this point I hope that one of these government agencies will be able to assist me so that he does not fall further behind.  Perhaps one can provide us with ideas on how to improve his motor skills, reading skills and social understanding of the world around him or even provide us with financing to give him Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy for his motor skills development.  Aggregated, yes.  This process is very time consuming!  If I had a job I am not certain I would be able to peruse any assistance for my son.

The shear amount of paperwork working with all the agencies has created in the last 45 days is appalling.  My poor 3 inch binder has become overwhelmed.  Between my desire to better manage my own ADHD issues and to prevent my son from suffering needlessly when he can learn to work better with his abilities, the folder is exploding.  The problem is all the agencies want a copy of what the other agency has done, what the other physician has stated, ect.  So, I keep copies!  Soon I will have to separate my own paperwork from the families, and possibly his from the families, just so I don't end up with back problems from carrying all the papers with me.

I will likely separate mine from the families later today.  Simply working with the Social Worker at Fresh Start Women's Center, my counselor at Terros, my Vocational Rehabilitation Intake Worker, and my own physicians/psychiatrist is a Martha Steward organizational wet dream.  Thank God, that I am pretty anal retentive, and good at organizing endless streams of paper!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Secrets, Secrets, secrets

I am not going to tell you my secrets.  Besides you already know most of the secrets anyway.  Its not hard, read the archive.

Back to interviewing for jobs.  I received a job offer today.  I think I accepted.  Not sure about it so I applied at the Sign A Rama on the way home.  Still have to return the call for the Credit Card Processor Company and talk to that lady at the Temp Agency that offered me a position that last 8 months but doesn't have an official start date.  So is it wrong to keep looking?  Even though I have two offers and I have accepted both offers, yet neither starts this week, is it wrong?

Right now it seems like all I really want to do is stuff for the Boy Scouts of America, Pack 293 in Peoria, but finding a job keeps getting in my way.  Just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.  I want to write and edit a draft of our Charter, which we don't have!  I want to edit and put together a New Parent Orientation, because I think it is important.  I want to officially declare that I want the Committee Chair Position to our Chartered Organization Representative.  But again, I need to find a job.  Maybe I won't find a job that allows me to be the Committee Chair, or worse one that wants me to not be part of the Cub Scouts.  (I have found several of those.)

What is wrong with the world when they don't want people who are invested in the community?  I don't know.  I will keep applying.  Found four or five more to send resumes to this evening after Cub Scouts.

I should be cooking dinner right now, but I am not, my eight year old is.  I am looking for work, while my toddler runs around with his pants off again!  He is outside trying to make me crazy!  My laundry still needs to be folded and my head hurts.

The house buying is on track. Yet I worry because I want to find a job before the short sale is approved so we can qualify for a VA home loan instead.  I am desperate for a job, but seem to be unable to find work that offers an hourly wage or salary.  I am busy like no one else I know.  I applied for Vocational Rehabilitation for myself and continue to work to get that going.  I applied for social security disability income for my five year old.  I figured it was time that he get the assistance he needed, like physical therapy for his motor skills, but have been told this process will take an agonizing 6-8 months.  Grrr!

Why is it when you are the most desperate for a job, you simply can't find one?  And why is it that you can get a job, but not when you need it?  Why has the world become so politically correct that you can't  tell an interviewer the truth about why you quit a job, or what you are searching for in a company?  Why do we need to keep secret the truth of what motivated an action or motivates us today?  I don't know.  Today, I answered truthfully about why I wanted a job, not just a little bit of the truth but the whole thing.  I was offered the job, yet I am still somehow unsatisfied, because I had to hold back why I quit some previous employers.

In case you are wondering those are not hypothetical questions.  I want to know why sharing the whole truth has become a bad thing to do.  I want to understand why the non-ADHD world is so different from the ADHD world of complete openness, acceptance and compassion. Other questions like Why are so many people following me on Digg?  I haven't posted anything there in months, yet I get new followers everyday.  Weird.