Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 years

Hello blog I miss you so I thought today I'll go ahead and use the Dragon dictate on my drive wow traffic is awful yesterday was the end of Labor Day weekend which is a wonderful wonderful holiday the one thing I like about unions one thing that you truly deserve credit for that five days work weeks they got 40 hour work weeks so what have I learned in 10 years well he still can't talk to me about anything ever don't know I Addis to get vacation time benefits and of course Labor Day to celebrate the right of workers to have a life and also the weekend that I met my husband
Vegas 10 years ago so after 10 years of marriage what I learned I learned he still can't talk to me about anything and talking to him means that I get no eye contact and I just feel like him until quite I really don't know how to change that try it all the things that you're supposed to try asking the question trying to be nice and then last night comes up Emily and
Even notice when I have been snacking a lot of kiss on my ass is not being nice fact it's just you trying to tell me that you want to get on I'm not interested in getting it on when I need paying for my interested in getting it on after you tell me that I don't pay attention to you and then I don't know this meeting give me a kiss just completely wrong because you don't notice that when I do it whatever goes back to failure to communicate no idea how to fix that every single level out here no idea how to fix

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