Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ummm... Great! Oh help me please...?

Okay so now I am the only adult working in my house.  I gotta say that was not something I was expecting.  I was hoping my husband would suck it up and stay where he was, but instead they fired him.  It was not a surprise.  He was just a seasonal employee.  But it is a bummer.

Just as things were financially starting to stabilize, I am back to the oh shit.  How do we pay for that or the other thing.  We just bought this house.  Err... Excuse me while I panic.  Now I need to cancel my private employer insurance that I just got because well, we can't afford it and the state of Arizona says we are poor enough to qualify for state medicaid.  I was so excited to have my own insurance start this week.  I hope I can cancel it.  I mean its a life change right?

I also now regret ordering a Valentines Day Gift.  Damn, now we definitely can't afford it.  Shit it already shipped.  Yes I am still panicking!

So what do I do?  Should I get a second job?  A better paying gig?  I like the new gig.  I mean how many people can say that they got a chance to work for Facebook's Marketing Team?  Its a great opportunity for me to learn about Social Media and marketing in general.  Yes I thought I knew everything about Facebook.  Now I know I didn't know shit about it.

I was planning on going back to school with the help of my Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, which I finally get an appointment with later this month.  I managed to get my Mom to agree to help me with my school debt so I can go back to classes later too.  I also wanted to take a class at the Community College to work with Adobe Suite Software and learn more about the graphic side of advertising.  Though that would be awesome and fun.  But now I am panicking....  Do I continue with my plan to go back to school and learn more about Marketing or do I look for a second job so we can get off Government Assistant.

For those of you asking, why doesn't he just get a different job?  You have missed a lot.  He is not the type of man that will get a job, any job, even if its one he does not like so his family can be financially secure.  He is the type of guy that only wants to take a job he thinks is easy or doesn't work with people.  Turns out he hates people.  All previous suggestions that he go work at one of the fast food joints or retail stores have not gone well.

So let me know what you think.  Should I continue with my plan to return to school or drop that to get a second job?

Friday, February 1, 2013

a mistake on the calendar and a call to the fire department

So the first month of 2013 went out with a Bang.

Quite literally.  It was a Thursday Night and I was rushing myself to Desert Ridge Shopping center in North Phoenix to meet a fellow Scouter.  I was enjoying weird self, listening to Talk Radio KTAR talk about the craziness of a lunatic who shot 3 people in Phoenix earlier in the week.  I swerved to narrowly miss a piece of re-bar I saw in the road.  Life was going completely normal.

I turn into the shopping center and suddenly my car gets super rough and stalls out.  "WTF!" I say to myself as a stare helplessly at the dashboard.  I ferociously turn the ignition trying to get my precious Jetta out of the way of incoming traffic as I block the entire driveway at rush hour.  Lots of swear words are now rushing to my mind as I start to panic, "Oh, no, I am going to get hit!"  Then the smell hits me, the awful, and frightening odor of gasoline.  The engine turns, I make it another 30ft and block an entire lane of traffic.

Great! Now what do I do?  Besides swear alot?  I got out for a brief moment and see the front of my car has fuel pouring onto the ground.  I am all alone.  I mean there are hundreds of passerby's every minute, but no one stops.  I am all alone, I call my husband, first time he has answered the phone in months.  He says call  triple A.  Unfortunately, we are too broke to actually afford triple A, it was cancelled.

I call my friend to see if maybe he can help me move the car out of the way of incoming traffic.  "What?!! Our car pool date to Mesa is next Thurday!"  Crap, all alone again.  I reached in my glove box.  I called my auto insurance company's road side service.  She says I am NOT covered.  Bummer.  She asks again what fluid is leaking from my car.  "Gasoline", I say again.

This flips some panic switch on her end.  She tells me she needs to call 9-1-1 to make sure everything is safe.  Now I am embarrassed.  I begin to blush and she pulls the Phoenix Dispatch Center on the line.  I reluctantly tell them where I am, after all safety is important, right?

Farmers transferred me to a claims adjuster because they begin to think the same thing I do, maybe I did not miss that re-bar after all.  Grr...  I call my husband.  He comes to my rescue, and drives me home.  The Farmers company sends a tow and we all go to sleep kinda.