Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Overcoming Fears starting a Vlog

Obviously, this is a blog. It is a place I write some thoughts that I would otherwise keep to myself. I'd probably explode if I kept all this to myself, so I write.

As part of my commitment to self-care and well, sanity, I thought I would work on building my writings and start something new, possibly fun. I have a few friends that have vlogs. They really love making content and one even encouraged her daughter to start her own channel. So here I am, taking a leap into video and well becoming a parent of a young YouTuber myself. I'll be talking to here tomorrow about how to manage a child on YouTube. Maybe she has words of advice.

While I have lots of things to say, the first video was a bit of a challenge. I'll talk later about how I regret that one Christmas gift the kids wanted in an upcoming video.

 But first, the video. This first attempt the lighting wasn't quite right. I guess when I set it up earlier in the day the camera really enjoyed all the bright lights. But come evening the camera wanted nothing to do with the bright lights. I adjusted. Then I didn't like how I looked. SO I put some make-up on. Then I got started. The first video was really nice, just wish I had recorded it. :)

Here is my first video. Nothing much yet. But how do you eat an elephant? Well, one bite at a time of course. --->

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